Environmental Exposure

As humans we are exposed to a variety of toxins on a daily basis. Environmental toxins come in many forms and are absorbed mainly through our skin, digestive and respiratory systems on a daily basis.

There are 100,000 registered chemicals that are used on a daily basis in our environment in one form or another. Just 5% of chemicals adversely affecting the endocrine system cost the government $341 billion dollars per year in health care treatments and sick days.

Small Changes Matter…

Studies on blood tests have shown that just changing our diet from a conventional one to a (mostly) organic diet and improving daily habits exhibits a 90% decrease in chemicals like glysophates, pesticides and phosphates in just 3-5 days. I find it awesome that our bodies work so well at shedding harmful substances when we support them in the right ways.

Environmental chemicals can come from many sources:

A diet high in processed foods.

  • Laundry powders / liquids.
  • Personal care / grooming products.
  • Cosmetics
  • Household cleaning products,
  • Plastics
  • Water
  • House dust
  • Scented candles
  • Essential oil burners (not diffusers).

There aren’t any specific symptoms when it comes to toxicity exposure. But there can be so many unexplained symptoms — from fatigue, fertility, gut issues to sleeping issues, thyroid problems and much more. Toxicity happens over many years, not all of a sudden and according to a study we start seeing the impact of this from twenty-seven years of age onward.

Important ways to detoxify the body:

Simple inexpensive changes you can make to avoid exposure:

  • Ensuring you have regular bowel movements to eliminate toxins.
  • Using organic pasteurized dairy, meat, fruit & vegetables (yes you can get these locally!).
  • Decreasing stress in your life (stress is toxic)!
  • Sweating through sauna therapy or exercise.
  • Opening up your house to fresh air every day.
  • Having different species of plants in your home to detoxify the air.
  • Cleaning the house lowers your toxic exposure with microfibre cloths and essential oils.
  • Washing your hands regularly and particularly before / after food prep and toileting.
  • Investing in a good quality water filter.

Many easy-to-avoid environmental chemicals can be removed or replaced with a healthier alternative – come and have a chat if you want to know more, or you would like to do a cleanse.

I’m so happy you’re here!

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