Apart from the common causes of acne which majority from hormones & poor diet, There can be many other causes of #acne which can be :

➕Excess production of skin cells.
due to vitamin A deficiency

➕Sluggish liver/Lymphatic Congestion

➕ Inflammation


➕Insulin resistance

➕Excess oil production from Zinc deficiency

➕Deficiency of some B Vitamins

➕High Testosterone

➕Gut microbiome imbalance

Things to help Acne –

Nutrients: Zinc, Vitamin A, NAC, Probiotics, Fibre

Herbs : Cleavers, Chamomile, Schisandra, Licorice, Chaste tree.

Foods to Avoid: Soy, Processed foods, sugar, deep friend foods.

Foods to include: Bone Broth, Fish, Broccoli, Collagen, Carrots.

Your skin health is reflection of what’s happening internally 👌