Pathology & Functional Testing 👩‍🔬

Sick of not getting answers for why you don’t feel well and being told everything looks fine at the docters? The answer could be deeper and multifactorial. ⁣

These tests are used to investigate biochemical, nutritional & hormonal status. Results give me the essential⁣ Information to tell me what’s happening in your body. To get to the underlying cause, so we can treat. ⁣

Testing include:⁣
General Wellness profile ( blood test)⁣
Intolerance and allergy⁣ (hair testing)
Adrenal Testing⁣
Thyroid testing⁣
Hormonal profile ⁣
Genetic diagnostic testing ~ MTHFR⁣
Zinc and copper ratios⁣
neurotransmitter tests⁣
Gastrointestinal tests (stool testing)⁣
Nutritional profile ⁣

⁣These tests tell me of any markers of imbalances that maybe the root cause of issues happening for you. . ⁣

Then with the results we can develop a comprehensive treatment plan over 12 weeks to get you back to health. This is my number one priority. ⁣👌 Book in @
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Kate x