Constipation – Are you pooping everyday?

Below are some basic things help with constipation, but I there is so much more to go into why you may be experiencing This. The less we poo, the less we excrete toxins, hormones & bacterias that we need to get rid of out of our body. Most of our hormones are metabolised in the Liver & Gut so when recycled back int to the body when we are constipation we can become unwell with lots of symptoms such as fatigue, pms, sluggishness, irritability, headaches & many more symptoms.

Things that may be causing constipation are can be Thyroid, medications, hormone imbalances, Structural issues, lack of movement daily, low fat diets, not enough water, vitamin & mineral deficiencies.

If you want to get tot the underlying cause of this I recommend a GI Map test if the simple things don’t work.

Kate x