Pathology Testing

As a naturopath I ask all my clients to do a yearly blood test with there health practitioner or GP. I love the information we can gather from a blood test & seeing the changes after treatment Is so rewarding.

Most of my clients come from the GP and have been told everything is normal in there blood results , but they still feel pretty crappy. With multiple symptoms that there wondering what is going if they still feel like this? That is where we come in and find & treat the underlying cause. We also look at pathology testing a little different and can pick up underlying things things going on.

Naturopaths can also Give you blood test forms to have at Qml as well as other functional testing. So you are not just limited to the GP when going to have your blood tests done or general wellness check ups.

Other than the normal routine blood test we should have done there are some big ones we should have tested on a regular basis aswell. Including:

✔️Thyroid Studies
✔️Iron Studies
✔️Vitamin D
✔️Blood Chemistry

With the pathology results we can modify diet, change lifestyle, decrease or increase dosing of certain supplementation.
No two people are the same so treatment and testing will be different for everybody.

Kate x